“Do it big, do it right, and do it with style.”

-Fred Astaire

Helping dancers and performing artists who want to stay healthy, prevent injuries and optimize performance.

Dance & Performing Arts Physical Therapy

90% of dancers will sustain an injury over the course of their training. 

You do not need to perform in pain. We got you.Heal thoroughly and restore proper technique and alignment to prevent injuries and train at your highest capacity.We use an evidence-based approach that combines the latest scientific research and techniques with an artistic appreciation for the body in motion.We draw from decades of dance training and performance, and over 15 years of practice providing performing artists with specialized PT services and targeted treatment plans to help you get back on stage and performing at your peak.
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We’re not just here to help you recover from an injury or surgery; we’re here to help you thrive.

Come and experience a more effective and enjoyable performing arts and dance specific rehab approach: one that helps you see us less for injuries and more for health and performance optimization.

We cater to the specific needs of performing artists:

  • Fast, efficient treatment for dance specific injuries

  • Enhance your dance technique and artistry

  • Improve your strength, flexibility, and endurance

  • Incorporate dance specific cross training

Our team works with dancers and performing artists in a variety of disciplines, at all levels, from beginners to professionals.

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Our performance coaching services and workshops help you develop skills needed to excel on stage.

Dance & Performing Arts Coaching

Take your dance performance to the next level.

Would you like to transition on to pointe? Jump higher? Dial your double or triple pirouettes? Improve your flexibility? Dance longer with less fatigue? We got you.

Here are our most popular coaching services for dancers and performing artists:

Pre-Pointe Screening

-Determine if you are physically fit and ready to transition to pointe work without the risk of injury.

-Perform targeted exercises to help prepare for the demands of pointe work.

-Learn optimal ribbon placement, sewing techniques, toe pads and spacer recommendations.

Personal & Small Group Training Sessions
-Hands-on training sessions for individual dancers or small groups.-Personalized, data-driven training programs and support for performance and recovery optimization.
Dance Cross Training Workshops
-Strengthen your entire body for the precise needs of a dancer.-Combine the principles of Yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, and dynamic strengthening in a progressive, multiple week workshop.-Address areas of weakness or imbalance through customized exercises.-Learn safe and effective self-care.

Target and strengthen the core muscles for a more stable and aligned posture.

Improve flexibility, range of motion, coordination and body awareness.

Reduce the risk of injuries and enhance physical performance.

We also offer Educational Workshops for dancers, performing artists, and educators onsite at your local studio. We can customize the education for your specific needs or you can choose from our list of popular topics.
TPB workshop 2019
  • Healthy Dancer Workshops

  • Dance Conditioning

  • Balance, Posture & Placement Exercises for Dancers

  • Strength & Power Development for Dancers

  • Recovery & Injury Prevention for Dancers

  • Nutrition for Dancers

  • Dance Educator Workshops

You can also see us for guidance and resources for pointe shoe fitting,
including quarterly fittings in house with Josephine Lee of The Pointe Shop.

Contact us to schedule your appointment and take the first leap towards reaching your full potential as a dancer and artist!