You’ll hear us say this often. No matter what, you can count on us to have your back, to provide care, coaching, and services that are in your best interest. That’s our promise. That’s what we mean when we say, “We got you.”

Getting the treatment one needs for injuries and illnesses to stay healthy with today’s healthcare system can be extremely frustrating. There’s a better way. That’s why we created Prime Performance. We don’t work for insurance companies, healthcare systems, or large corporations. We work for YOU.

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We are not your ordinary PT clinic and performance center. Our collaborative approach gives you what you need, when you need it, to solve your problems and level up – without insurance restrictions, denials, unnecessary paperwork, surprises, or hassles. And unlike our competitors, we can take you from rehabilitation, to better health, to elite performance, all under one roof.

Our team of highly skilled and passionate physical therapists, personal trainers, sport scientists, performance coaches, massage therapists, nutrition experts, health, safety, and ergonomics professionals share a common goal – We strive to help you thrive.

We have a strong commitment to improving human performance and overall well-being. Drawing on the latest research and techniques, we take an evidence-based approach to help you get results. We’ve been practicing our crafts this way for decades, and are respected experts in our fields.

You can efficiently optimize your health, movement, skills, and performance. No need to guess or stress about what’s going to help you heal, get healthy, and perform at your peak. We will help you get the results you want quickly. And having fun will be part of the process – it’s one of our core values.

We’re excited to get to know you, and we invite you to learn more about each of us by exploring our bios and contacting us.


Dr. Amy Benton, PT, DPT

Dr. Amy Benton, PT, DPT


About Amy Benton

Amy Benton is the Chief Clinical Officer and the Head of Dance and Performing Arts Rehabilitation. As a former dancer and performer of over 20 years, she understands the intricate needs of performers. She provides the highest level of physical therapy and performance training to athletes and dancers looking to reach their goals in the studio, on stage, and in competition.

Amy graduated from Simmons College in 2008 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is a Certified Manual Physical Therapist (CMPT), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a dance rehabilitation expert.

Amy provides hands on Physical Therapy treatment, performance coaching, recovery and injury prevention guidance to active people, athletes, and performing artists in the clinic. She also designs and delivers dance specific, cross-training and educational workshops geared towards helping dancers recover from injury, build strength, reduce injury risk factors, learn new techniques for safe flexibility, develop athletic skills, and improve overall performance.

Matthew Marino, PT, MSPT

Matthew Marino, PT, MSPT


About Matthew Marino

Matthew Marino started out in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in 2001. He graduated from Northeastern University with a Masters in Physical Therapy 2006, and has experience treating patients in orthopedic, industrial, neurological, and long-term acute care settings. Matt has completed decades of post graduate training and holds numerous advanced certifications. He is passionate about helping people heal, improve overall health, wellness and fitness, and perform at the highest possible level.

As a Physical Therapist, applied sport scientist, performance coach, and professional ergonomist Matt splits his time inside and outside the clinic and gym, combining skills and expertise to deliver a unique spectrum of services.

In the clinic and gym, Matt delivers a suite of concierge health, wellness, fitness and performance enhancing services including PT, resting and various exercise metabolic testing protocols, force plate testing, movement screening and assessment, strength and fitness testing, spirometry and breathing assessment, breathwork, and 1-on-1 coaching. He uses science backed methods and cutting-edge technology to analyze physical and physiological capacities and capabilities, helping patients and clients set their baseline, determine their profiles, track changes over time, identify unique areas of dysfunction, inefficiency, or weakness, and perform targeted treatment or training to meet and exceed the demands of sports, work and life and achieve key goals.

By targeting the highest priority limitations and attacking their root causes, patients and clients recover and return to sports or work quickly, prevent future injuries, and optimize health and performance.

Gavin Lee, PT, DPT

Gavin Lee, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

About Gavin Lee

Gavin Lee graduated from the University of Washington Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in 2014. He has experience working with patients in orthopedic, neurological and cardiovascular rehabilitation settings. Gavin is a believer in the concept of quality over quantity when it comes to rehabilitation. He values feedback loops, constantly evaluating and re-evaluating movement and performance to keep patients and clients on track to achieve their goals. Gavin believes that by making data driven decisions and delivering the right treatment or coaching at the right time, people achieve their desired results.

Jesse Fairbanks

Jesse Fairbanks

Personal Trainer

About Jesse Fairbanks

Jesse is a health and fitness coach with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He specializes in human performance and fitness lifestyle, and offers a highly personalized and holistic approach. He believes that fitness is about adopting nutritious movement practices that suit an individual’s reason to be fit.

Jesse graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies: Physical Activity/Exercise from Portland State University, and an Associate of Science Degree and certificate in Fitness Technology from Portland Community College.

His point of view on training is principle-based, and centers around restoring movement, correcting imbalances, and eliminating pain to help individuals live better today and tomorrow. A true specialist and adaptable to any individual, Jesse has a knack for helping people reach their fitness goals.

Anna Marra

Anna Marra

Pilates Instructor

About Anna Marra

Anna Marra is a fully certified STOTT® PILATES Instructor, professional dancer, and freelancer in Portland, Oregon.

After receiving her BFA in Ballet and Teaching from the University of Utah, she went on to perform nationally and internationally with Bodyvox, of Portland, OR. Her work experiences ultimately cultivated her passion for teaching and interest in body care.

The benefit of Pilates carries over to every aspect of life, from athletic performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehabilitation, to general fitness and physical well-being. She loves working with dancers and aesthetic artists to supply them with the best information to help achieve their personal goals safely and effectively. When she isn’t working, Anna enjoys playing in the PNW outdoors, practicing yoga, climbing, and fitness.

Sarah Ballini-Ross

Sarah Ballini-Ross

Director of Safety Innovation

About Sarah Ballini-Ross

Sarah Ballini-Ross is a dynamic professional boasting an impressive blend of innovation, problem-solving prowess, and exceptional interpersonal abilities honed over a robust career spanning over 15 years. Her extensive experience in public health, prevention, and program implementation has cemented her reputation as a seasoned expert and a trusted strategic consultant.

Sarah’s innovation skillset shines through in her successful tenure as the Safety Advancement and Innovation Project Coordinator for a workers’ compensation insurance company. For over five years, she led new and innovative safety initiatives, utilized emerging technologies, and devised strategies that effectively reduced workplace injuries and propelled businesses into the future.

Notably, Sarah’s problem-solving capabilities are exemplary. She has demonstrated an ability to strategically approach complex issues, develop effective solutions, and implement them with a success rate that marks her as a consummate professional in her field. She stands as a subject matter expert on safety tech, health prevention, and health policy issues, offering implementation support and technical assistance to a diverse array of clients, from businesses and municipalities to universities and policymakers.

Armed with a degree in Public Health from Oregon State University, Sarah is well-versed in delivering compelling presentations, engaging audiences of all sizes with her deep knowledge, and converting complex concepts into understandable and actionable insights. Her people skills are unmatched; she possesses the ability to build lasting relationships, foster collaboration, and lead teams towards shared objectives.

However, Sarah’s capabilities are not confined to her professional arena. As a first-generation farmer, she independently operates a small farm near Salem, Oregon, where she raises grass-fed meats. This pursuit underscores her commitment to sustainability and her passion for hands-on work in various facets of her life.

Sarah Ballini-Ross is a dynamic professional whose impressive innovation skillset, exceptional problem-solving capabilities, and excellent people skills make her a valuable asset in any setting. Her ability to present complex ideas clearly and effectively, coupled with her experience in both the corporate and agricultural worlds, brings a unique, multi-dimensional perspective to the table.

Shimra Fine

Shimra Fine

Safety Innovation Consultant

About Shimra Fine

Shimra Fine’s journey into the realm of exosuits and wearable technology is grounded in a decade-long career as a freelance costumer, where they honed their skills in creative problem-solving and intricate design for the human form. This wealth of experience in working with diverse design constraints has uniquely equipped Shimra for the challenges of their current path

However, in 2019, Shimra’s insatiable curiosity and passion for merging art with science led them to pursue a Master of Science in Textile Science at the University of Rhode Island. During this transformative period, Shimra served as the Textile Lead at the Wearable Biosensing Lab, where they embarked on pioneering projects. These included the creation of gloves and insoles designed for monitoring Parkinson’s patients, innovative sleep mats for movement sensing, and specialized pants tailored for monitoring soldiers’ knee movements. Shimra’s expertise encompassed everything from crafting textile sensors to seamlessly integrating off-the-shelf sensors into soft goods, all while rigorously adhering to ASTM standards.

Since 2019, Shimra has held the role of Soft Goods Prototyper and Exosuit Technician at the Zelik Lab at Vanderbilt University. Here, their primary focus has been on passive exoskeletons and exosuits. Shimra has been a pivotal force in the development of exosuits for military applications, notably contributing to the success of an ARL Pathfinder project. Furthermore, they have played a crucial role in projects involving the integration of sensors for medical monitoring, enhancing patient care through cutting-edge technology.

Beyond their extensive research contributions, Shimra’s commitment to the field is evident through their role as a Textile Consultant for CMI2, a government contractor with close ties to the military. Their textile innovations have been featured in a TED Talk, showcasing their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in wearable technology. Alongside these achievements, Shimra’s collaborative spirit has resulted in co-authored publications that span exoskeleton and exosuit research, as well as groundbreaking textile-based sensor innovations. Notably, Shimra is recognized as a co-inventor on six patents related to exosuit technology.

Outside of their professional endeavors, Shimra finds solace and inspiration in various creative pursuits. Whether sewing, drawing, or indulging in the art of needle-felting, they continually channel their creativity. However, Shimra’s most cherished moments are spent with their beloved pets and family.