There are no big problems, there are just a lot of little problems.

-Henry Ford

Trying to solve difficult problems, design new systems, perform testing or research, improve existing products, explore emerging technology, prevent injuries, manage compliance, win cases, improve health, or increase performance? We got you.

Experience matters.

We have decades of experience helping some of the world’s most well known organizations create safer, healthier, and more productive workplaces.
Our team of ergonomics and risk management professionals can help you identify and eliminate potential hazards, prevent injuries, and improve well-being, safety, productivity, and morale.

When it comes to workplace wearable technology and exoskeletons, our experience helping people and companies design, test, and implement these devices is unmatched.


We help companies identify and address ergonomic hazards and risks and provide recommendations to improve workstations and processes with the goal of preventing musculoskeletal disorders, overuse, and repetitive strain injuries.


Our team will help you create and implement effective safety programs to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. We will work with you to develop job hazard assessments, job analysis, early symptom detection, OSHA approved first aid services, training classes, job coaching, and more to keep your employees safe.

Health & Wellness

We design customized programs to promote employee health and well-being. From sleep, recovery, and fitness challenges to healthy eating initiatives, breathwork and stress management we will help you build a thriving wellness culture in your workplace.

Warmup, Flex & Stretch Programs

We evaluate your work demands and design customized programs to help employees warm up, stretch, and prepare their bodies and minds for the demands of the workday. Allocating time on the clock for your team to warm up and stretch can add up, so injury prevention and performance optimization should be the goals. We deliver thoughtful programs that workers truly enjoy doing, and that get results.

Early Detection & Intervention

Our comprehensive services aim to minimize the impact of MSDs on your workforce, promoting a healthier work environment and enhancing productivity. Our experts assess the root causes of problems and create targeted interventions. By addressing the underlying factors contributing to MSDs, we help your organization prevent further injuries and promote a healthier work environment.

Return to Work & Accomodation

We can help you get your injured employees back to work, assist with systematic return to work programs, case management, claim coordination, communication with healthcare providers, and consult on needed workplace accommodations. We can help you find modified and transitional duty work for your injured workers to keep them engaged while they heal and help them return to full duty, and stay there.

Safety Technology Exploration

Our team stays up-to-date on the latest safety technology innovations and research. We will help you explore and evaluate new technologies to enhance your safety programs and improve workplace safety and health. We have expertise in exoskeletons, virtual reality, augmented reality, wearable technology, sensors, AI, drones, robotics, telematics, and more. We help you find a perfect match – the right technology for your team that solves the problem.

Implementation Assistance

We are here to help you select and implement new technology and programs to ensure successful team member adoption and effective long-term use. We’ve assisted hundreds of companies with emerging technology exploration and implementation, fit thousands of unique workers with exoskeletons and other wearable devices, trained them, ran pilots, study each project, and use our acquired knowledge and experience to customize implementation programs that fit your workplace and company culture.

Expert Witness

We can assist you with building and winning your case, including deposition and trial testimony, and case related research in the areas of human factors, ergonomics, workers compensation, personal injury, return to work, disability, accommodations, safety, injury prevention, rehabilitation, health, fitness, exercise, training, performance and sport science, and strength and conditioning. Our scientists, clinicians, and practitioners have years of experience working with attorneys and clients through legal proceedings.

Product Design

We have years of experience in product design, prototyping, and rapid iteration, helping companies design cutting edge wearable technology, sensor systems, exoskeletons, and exosuits. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to user needs research, iterative wearable and medical device design, fabric identification, material selection for specific use cases, textile testing in accordance with standards, pattern drafting and alteration, tech packs, bill of materials, off the shelf sensor integration into wearables, and constructing textile based sensors.

Product Testing

We have an extensive amount of experience testing products in medical, rehabilitation, sports, performance, and occupational settings. Our team of scientists, clinicians, practitioners, and ergonomists have the skills to thoroughly evaluate products from many different angles. Product testing results inform design decisions and help producers bring best in class devices and systems to the market. Our team has also conducted hundreds of short and long term trials and pilots to assist end users with product selection, evaluation and implementation.

Alignment to Standards

Our team has deep knowledge of ASTM and AATCC Standards. We are founding partners of the ASTM Exo Technology Center of Excellence and have been active, contributing members of the ASTM F48 Committee on Exoskeletons and Exosuits since its inception in 2017. We help wearable technology and exoskeleton companies as well as their users align with applicable ASTM Standards including design, manufacturing, ergonomics, human factors, task performance, security, IT, labeling, product information, risk management, terminology, exoskeleton test methods, and textile testing.
Taking care of people in the workplace is the right thing to do. And it’s good for the bottom line too.

We are committed to helping you create a safe and healthy work environment. Contact us today to learn more.